Assistant VP Global DEI

D&I Manager - New York, US

Ref: 94Saturday 15 May 2021

Upto $184k

Role: Assistant VP Global DEI

Location: East Coast, US

Salary: $147k - $184k




The Director/AVP, Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is responsible for leading the company to develop, oversee, and implement a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion plan and program that aligns with our strategic and operational objectives. We will consider hiring at either the Director or AVP level to be determined by the level of experience, skills and competencies in relation to the job requirements.




The job functions include, but are not limited to, the following:


·      Contribute to and embed our global diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy into everyday organizational activity and practice by building on strong internal networks and working with our leaders and our Employee Resource Groups. This will be done by building on the strategic plan that has been developed by globally, help develop and lead the implementation of the long-term vision and goals for DEI within the company, build new DEI programs, and be accountable for the successful execution of key programs.

·      Partner with key leaders across HR and the wider organization to drive accountability and visibility around targeted improvements in diverse representation, particularly at the management and leadership levels.

·      Work with our local and global DEI councils and steering committees to implement initiatives focused on the employee experience, including recruiting, retention, progression, leadership development, and wider organizational culture, seeking global alignment while also maintaining a sense of local identity in various office locations.

·      Act as an enabler of the organization’s employee resource groups by supporting the development and growth of the groups and ensuring ongoing, lasting impact.

·      Serve as a leader, advisor, advocate, catalyst for change, and institutional resource focused on instilling DEI into all programs and activities, supervising progress toward these goals and working with appropriate internal communications teams to communicate progress.

·      Support and empower leaders who are less experienced in leading discussions about DEI to build the company’s capacity in DEI leadership.

·      Work with our learning and development team to develop DEI training and education, providing curriculum feedback.

·      Work closely with the communications team to provide feedback on a communication framework that raises awareness of the company’s diversity and inclusion strategies, internally and externally.

·      Work with, influence, challenge, and educate key partners including the vice presidents group, directors, senior leadership, and other key influencers and teams across the business.

·      Create forums for open dialogue about DEI to build stronger relationships internally and externally.


·      Continually review current and future diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for the organization, identifying strengths, gaps, and drivers to keep developing toward our optimum workplace.

·      Evaluate and summarize HR reports that reflect the well-being of the organization and capability to achieve its mission and organizational goals. Recommend strategy and solutions to close gaps.

·      Partner with HR to coordinate and evaluate the results of employee engagement and climate surveys to achieve a more inclusive and diverse work environment Working in conjunction with HR/OD/L&D teams throughout the business, provide feedback to the budget related to diversity training and events.

·      Coordinate with publishing managers in the development, implementation, and regular use of data tools and approaches to increase representation of our diverse community of authors and editors in our publishing programs.

·      Identify and cultivate relationships in the DEI community, the wider community , and other organizations and causes that focus on promoting and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

·      Provide methodologies and use current scholarship regarding embedding strong positive behavior in the development of an equitable and inclusive working practice.

·      Work with the recruiting teams to act as an ambassador for the company internally and externally.





Any combination equivalent to, but not limited to, the following:

·      Exceptional knowledge of effective practices for diversity and inclusion in the workplace - drawing on a passion for continuous improvement.

·      Strong influencing and people leadership and the vision to build and sustain a culture of accountability, ownership, and delivery among stakeholders.

·      Comfortable with data and able to analyze and communicate data intelligently and with insight. Ability to assimilate complex, ambiguous information from a wide variety of sources to inform decisions.

·      Experience in working in an international/global organization and specifically working with US and UK cultures and implementing strategy globally.

·      Excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, facilitation and presentation skills, able to hold meaningful conversations.

·      Ability to apply the latest research to work and be evidence-based when developing a strategy.

·      Skilled at organizational change, with the ability to lead multiple multi-layered projects with stakeholders at different levels and across the US and UK offices.

·      Basic understanding of US state, federal, and country laws, as well as the UK Equality Act, that may impact or regulate diversity, equality, and inclusion-related policies.

·      Demonstrated skills facilitating dialogue with and among employees to cultivate an environment of inclusiveness, collegiality, shared inquiry, shared responsibility, and collective accomplishment.

·      Comfortable operating as part of a distributed team as well as working independently. Ability to work with cross-functional teams that do not have a direct, formal reporting structure.