Senior Backend Software Engineer

Backend Engineer - Austin, Texas, US

Ref: 69Thursday 18 March 2021

Role: Senior Backend Software Engineer

Location: 1 Portland, ME USA, 1 Austin, TX  USA

Salary: $125k - $150K

We are looking for an experienced and motivated software developer who strives for simplicity but builds with the future in mind.

Our first commercial product –  401(k) – has been doing remarkably well in the marketplace. Following a $80 mil funding round, we work to expand the functionality of the existing 401(k) offering as well as invest into new products.

What will you be working on?

Increasing the functional depth of the existing product and building new products will consume a good part of your typical day.

You will find our setup well thought through, pragmatic, with efficient, maintainable, testable codebase. A simple baseline toolset enables business-focused architecture decisions. Even as a senior engineer, there will still be a great deal of best practices and creative solutions to learn from.

Our Ruby stack delivers the APIs for web and mobile applications, manages all background processing, provides record keeping for all financial assets, facilitates compliance and other core business logic, interfaces with external clients, and supports internal tooling.

We use MySQL and BigQuery for persistence. You will encounter Sidekiq, Redis, Service Objects for RoR, Capybara and Minitest frameworks.

Our web applications are React-based. Redux and Babel are the only additional frameworks worth mentioning. We like it simple and clean.

Our software stack runs atop GCP, managed by GKE and leveraging modern platform engineering tools and practices.

Required qualifications

  • 7+ years of hands-on experience building commercial software products.
  • 4+ years of experience with Ruby, Python, or a similar language.
  • Fundamental RDBMS knowledge, incl. performance and scaling.
  • Understanding of application security lifecycle and security best practices.
  • Being interested and able to understand what we are aiming to achieve from the business perspective and why.
  • BCS or equivalent experience.

Desirable, but not required qualifications

  • Working knowledge of Ruby.
  • Experience designing and supporting API’s for mobile applications.
  • Understanding of the modern software operational environments, including GCP/AWS, Kubernetes, Docker.
  • Knowledge of distributed systems.
  • Background in financial systems, preferably at a new generation fin-tech company.

Feel overqualified? We are hiring aggressively on all levels. Come talk to us. We will find you a role commensurable with your aspirations and experience.