About Us

Engage Transform is an international talent acquisition and development company. Our mission is to increase the placement of women and Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) in senior positions in Technology, Engineering, and Finance. We believe recruiting diverse talent is fundamental to transforming your organisation to a progressive company and brand that people will choose to work for, giving you a competitive edge.

CEO and Founder Yemi Jackson launched Engage Transform after 20 years of experience as Senior Executive in Finance and IT to counter the critical need for a more engaged and diverse workplace that begins with sourcing the right candidates. In today’s world employers with more diverse workforces perform better financially (Vivian Hunt, McKinsey and Company).

Yemi has worked across Retail & Logistics, Housing and Property and Education sectors, gathering extensive experience while collaborating with Executive teams in optimising sustainable business solutions.

Our founder is passionate about continuously striving to be excellent in your chosen area, she is a qualified accountant and completed her MBA at Warwick Business School in 2018.

Your people are your most valuable assets, so let Engage Transform assist you in attracting the best in the market.

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